EuroMillions Results

The EuroMillions game is an international lottery which is played in the UK, France, Spain, Belgium, Ireland, Luxemburg, Portugal, Switzerland and Austria. The game is played twice per week with draws taking place every Tuesday and Friday, results are published exclusively online. The cost to enter the EuroMillions lottery is set at either £2 or €2, within the United Kingdom players receive automatic entry into the EuroMillions Millionaire Raffle. This additional game was introduced into the EuroMillions lottery to combat the discrepancy between GBP and the Euro currency. The results for this lottery can be found below, the latest results are published once the draw has taken place. This lottery is managed within the United Kingdom by The National Lottery.

EuroMillions Results For Tuesday 28th October


The EuroMillions draw for Tuesday 28th October has a dramatically lower jackpot in comparison to the previous draw on Friday after a top prize winner was made through the draw. The top prize which has been generated for this evenings draw has been estimated at £11 million, a life changing sum but dwarfed by the previous estimated jackpot of £150 million. The previous EuroMillions draw for Friday 24th October published a winning set the winning set of numbers as 03, 09, 20, 30, 42 with 1 and 6 being drawn as the jackpot. The final processed jackpot for the game stood at £149,758,000 which was won by a single ticket belonging to a player outside of the UK. The draw was … [Read more...]

EuroMillions Results For Friday 24th October

The EuroMillions jackpot for Friday 24th October has reached its limit, if tonight's game creates a rollover then the estimated top prize cannot be raised further. Although the jackpot will not be raised, The National Lottery may decide to increase the amount of winners through the secondary games such as the Millionaire Raffle. Although the majority of tonight's EuroMillions will be wishing to win the top prize, there are still other worthwhile cash rewards available through the game, including a fixed £1 million prize. There are 14 different ways to a UK EuroMillions player to win a cash prize, this is broken down into 13 main game prizes and one fixed game. Cash … [Read more...]

EuroMillions Results For Tuesday 21st October


Tonight's EuroMillions estimated jackpot has been estimated at a life changing £143 million, the top prize has been able to accumulate through a string of rollovers after The National Lottery's £100 million Superdraw. The EuroMillions top prize will keep growing until a minimum of one ticket qualifies for the full amount, this prize is triggered when a player has successfully matched all of the main game numbers including the two drawn Lucky Stars. Tonight's jackpot has broken the record in regards to the biggest jackpot of 2014, with the ability of reaching even higher jackpot amounts. The EuroMillions lottery is an internationally played game and with such a larger … [Read more...]

EuroMillions Results For Friday 17th October

The EuroMillions jackpot train just keeps chugging along after breaking the 2014 jackpot benchmark after being estimated at £128,000,000. The astronomical top prize currently tops the largest jackpots offered by the game in 2014, with the sum being set to rise again in the event of another rollover. The unique prize offering allows players to become a fixture of the Sunday Times Rich List from just a single £2 ticket, purchased from National Lottery retailers located around the country. Players who are not able to beat the jackpot winning odds can still have a chance to win through the EuroMillions additional prize tier, including a fixed £1,000,000 … [Read more...]

EuroMillions Results For Tuesday 14th October

The EuroMillions jackpot roller-coaster has reach astronomical heights after the National Lottery revealed an estimated jackpot of £111 million. The top prize has been formed through several jackpot rollovers after a EuroMillions superdraw of £77 million at the beginning of October, the total prize kitty will be accumulating at a rapid rate until a minimum of one ticket qualifies for the full sum. There are rules surrounding the limits of lottery jackpots, the EuroMillions game can keep increasing their jackpots until the £195 million ceiling is reached. Based around two weekly draws players have the opportunity to win life changing sums through the Tuesday and Friday … [Read more...]

EuroMillions Results For Friday 10th October


The third EuroMillions draw of October will host one of the largest jackpots of 2014 after the game has racked up an estimated top prize of £100 million. The life changing sum will be offered to any EuroMillions player who has tonight's jackpot winning combination, or shared equally among all qualifying ticket holders. If there are no jackpot winners made through tonight's combination of numbers then the sum will be used to accumulate a larger jackpot for the following Tuesday's game. The EuroMillions is an internationally played game which means the large player base offers the game the ability to accumulate much larger jackpots, surpassing alternative UK based games … [Read more...]

EuroMillions Results For Tuesday 7th October 2014

The previous EuroMillions draw saw the jackpot bloat to an impressive £77 million due to a promotional superdraw, as the game failed to make a jackpot winner the amount on offer through tonight's game has been raised to £87 million. The internationally played lottery has the ability to accumulate similar sized jackpots organically through the rollover feature which is embedded into the game. If tonight's draw has a range of numbers which does not match any in-play tickets then the following draw for Saturday will be for a much larger sum, the jackpot will continue to grow from game to game until it's won or reaches the £195 million threshold. EuroMillions is a unique … [Read more...]

EuroMillions Results For Friday 3rd October 2014

Tonight's EuroMillions draw will host the much anticipated £77 million jackpot as tonight's game has been labelled a Superdraw. The colossal jackpot has been fixed due to a promotional draw, this bypasses EuroMillions normal jackpot accumulation process through rollover. Although tonight's EuroMillions draw has a bloated jackpot due to a promotion, if there are no tickets who manage to win tonight's top prize then the following draw will use tonight's offering as a foundation. The previous EuroMillions draw took place on Tuesday 30th September 2014, the jackpot associated with this game was £25,668,301. There was one single ticket which managed to win the top prize … [Read more...]

EuroMillions Results For Tuesday 30th September 2014


The final EuroMillions draw for September will be boasting a top jackpot prize of an estimated £25 million, this bank boosting sum will be given to any ticket holder who is fortunate enough to match all of the main drawn numbers along with the Lucky Stars. Tonight's jackpot has generated a vast amount of interest among players however the limelight has been set firmly on the superdraw which is taking place on Friday October 3rd. The National Lottery have announced the superdraw earlier this week, the fixed jackpot which has been allocated to the draw is set at £80,000,000 putting it as one of the highest jackpots in 2014. The EuroMillions has a strong international … [Read more...]

EuroMillions Results For Friday 26th September 2014


The EuroMillions jackpot has been catapulted to £20,000,000 after the previous Tuesday draw failed to make a top prize winner. During lottery games which release a set of balls which are not matched by any tickets then a rollover will be incorporated into the next game, raising both the jackpot on offer and usually the amount of ticket sales into the game. The estimated £20 million is up for grabs to any lottery player who can match all of the 5 drawn numbers alongside the two Lucky Stars. The EuroMillions is drawn twice per week which allows players to enter into both the Tuesday and Friday games, the cost of a ticket within the UK is set at £2. The National Lottery … [Read more...]