The Health Lottery Results

Unlike the national lottery games within the United Kingdom, The Health Lottery is managed by Northern and Shell, an independent lottery provider. The Health Lottery was created to raise funds for health related causes within the United Kingdom in rotation through the use of society charities. Draws are held twice per week, both are hosted through Channel 5 on Wednesday and Saturday, the draw time can change but usually shows around 21:55. The cost to play The Health Lottery is set at £1 per entry and gives players the chance to win up to £100,000 or £1 million if played through the Health Lottery Bet game. The hosts of the Health Lottery draws change on a weekly basis however the game show includes names such as Sian Welby, Natalie Cassidy and Anne Diamond.

Health Lottery Results For 31st December 2014

Tonight Health Lottery players could be celebrating twice, not only will they be entering into a brand new year they could also be the recipient of £100,000 thanks to tonight's Health Lottery draw. Tickets have been sold up until 19:30 this evening, the pre-recorded draw will be shown on Channel 5 around 21:55 this evening however WagerPod will be one of the first websites to display the latest results. Throughout the last year there has been hundreds of thousands of pounds raised for health related causes around the United Kingdom, this is made possible through the Health Society's which take part in the game. Each week one of the 51 CIC's (Community Interest … [Read more...]

Health Lottery Results For Saturday 27th December 2014


Let's see if tonight's Health Lottery draw can add to festive cheer, with prizes available up to £100,000 there is everything to play for in tonight's game. Players can win cash sums from matching a minimum of 2 balls plus the Bonus, awarded a cash reward of £10. For a player to be qualified for the Health Lottery top prize of £100,000 they will need to be the owner of a valid ticket that matches all of tonight's drawn numbers, minus the Bonus Ball. The Health Lottery is one of two UK lottery games which hosts a £1 cost to play, alongside the National Lottery's Thunderball. There were over 2,000 winners made in the last Health Lottery draw, prizes ranged from £250 to … [Read more...]

Health Lottery Results For Wednesday 10th December

As the doors left on the advent calendar become less and less, the countdown has become much easier for over 2,800 Health Lottery players who managed to win a cash prize in last night's Health Lottery draw. The amount won by players varied depending on how many numbers were matched, the largest cash sum won was £250 and other prizes included £50, £20 and £10. Wednesday's draw was held on Channel 5 with the pre-recorded draw showing around 21:55, the host of the draw was the resident Sian Welby who appears to have become the face of the Health Lottery draw. The results of each Health Lottery draw appear online first, well before the draw has taken place, the quickest … [Read more...]

Health Lottery Results For Wednesday 3rd December


The Health Lottery have announced that tonight's lottery draw will be raising money for the HealthShape Community Interest Company (CIC), this has been made possible through the Health Lottery retaining a minimum of 20% of all proceeds from ticket sales. The HealthShape CIC has helped a wide range of health related causes in the Portsmouth, Southampton and Hampshire area, these organisations include the Parent Link, Meon Valley Carers Group. Without including the proceeds of tonight's draw, the HealthShape CIC has received £72,748 in funding since the Health Lottery began. Players who would like to find out more in regards to the funding being used by the Health … [Read more...]

Health Lottery Results For Wednesday 26th November


The Health Lottery draw for Wednesday 26th November will be focusing on raising money for the HealthFreedom Community Interest Company (CIC), this will be done through issuing a fixed proportion of the proceeds to the charitable body. The HealthFreedom CIC focuses on helping local health related causes in the South London area, since the Health Lottery began the CIC has received over £704,000. The organisations which have benefitted from the HealthFreedom funding include the likes of Croydon People First, Alzheimer's Society and School Food Trust. The Health Lottery is drawn twice per week which usually gives each one of their 51 CIC's two consecutive draws in order … [Read more...]

Health Lottery Results Saturday 22nd November


UK Health Lottery players will be helping raise funds for the HealthHope Community Interest Company (CIC), a company which is committed to tackling health inequalities in the North West London area. For every ticket sold in tonight's draw, a minimum of 20% of all proceeds will be used for HealthHope to filter to local level health related causes. Since November 2011, when the Health Lottery was first played, the organisation has received £789,644, without including this evenings proceeds. Each of the Health Lottery's CIC companies will receive the proceeds from usually two consecutive draws, this means HealthHope will of also benefitted from the previous Wednesday's … [Read more...]

Health Lottery Results For Wednesday 19th November

Its an important night for health related charities in the North West London area after the Health Lottery announced a fixed proportion of the proceeds will be used to help fund such causes through the HealthHope CIC. To date the health focused community support group have been awarded over £789,000 in donations which has helped schemes such as Breathe Easy Paddington, Alzheimer's Society and Carer's Trust. The Health Lottery has 51 CIC's in its portfolio which receive a proportion of ticket proceeds in rotation, usually from two consecutive draws. The health related organisation which benefits from the funding can be found through the official Health Lottery site or … [Read more...]

Health Lottery Results For Saturday 15th November

The Health Lottery draw for Saturday 15th November will be continuing the fund raising on behalf of HealthStrength, a dedicated Community Interest Company (CIC) focusing on tackling health inequalities in Essex. There are a total of 51 different CIC's involved with the Health Lottery who will receive a proportion of proceeds from ticket sales for a designated two consecutive draws. Without adding the funds raised on Wednesday and this evening, the organisation have received over £681,000, the money has helped fund projects such as Dig 4 Jaywick Community Garden, Craylands Activity Centre and St Annes Community  Centre. A full portfolio of funded projects can be found on … [Read more...]

Health Lottery Results For Wednesday 12th November


Tonight's mid week Health Lottery draw will be used to help raise funds for HealthStrength, a Community Interest Company (CIC), aimed at tackling health inequalities in Essex and Thurrock. Every Health Lottery ticket purchased by players will help grow the £681,974 currently raised for the society charity. HealthStrength has backed community health related projects such as The Shadyfish Xperiance, Young at Heart Club and Mencap. Lottery players who wish to discover more about how Health Lottery benefits all corners of the United Kingdom can visit the official Health Lottery site or visit the dedicated CIC websites. The previous Saturday draw managed to make over 15,000 … [Read more...]

Health Lottery Results For Saturday 8th November


The Health Lottery draw for Saturday 8th November will continue to focus on raising funds for HealthComplete, a Community Interest Company (CIC) dedicated to preventing health inequalities in the Lincolnshire area. A staggering £743,781 has been raised for the worthwhile community group which has helped progress local organisations such as Discover Volunteering CIC, Dementia UK and The Royal Voluntary Service. The HealthComplete CIC was also the designated group for Wednesday's draw as each of the 51 society charities involved with the Health Lottery will usually obtain funding from two consecutive draws. Wednesday's draw managed to make over 6,000 cash winners, prizes … [Read more...]