The Health Lottery Results

Unlike the national lottery games within the United Kingdom, The Health Lottery is managed by Northern and Shell, an independent lottery provider. The Health Lottery was created to raise funds for health related causes within the United Kingdom in rotation through the use of society charities. Draws are held twice per week, both are hosted through Channel 5 on Wednesday and Saturday, the draw time can change but usually shows around 21:55. The cost to play The Health Lottery is set at £1 per entry and gives players the chance to win up to £100,000 or £1 million if played through the Health Lottery Bet game. The hosts of the Health Lottery draws change on a weekly basis however the game show includes names such as Sian Welby, Natalie Cassidy and Anne Diamond.

Health Lottery Results For Wednesday 30th July 2014


The Health Lottery has introduced a new promotion this month to help raise the amount of ticket sales, the offer consists of getting £15 off a Tesco shopping bill when a user signs up for Direct Debit. The lottery has had several set backs over the last few months with almost 10% of all their retailers refusing to sell their tickets. Many UK Health Lottery retailers have reported that the sales are so small that in some instances The National Lottery outperform sales by 10 to 1. The main increase to sales for The Health Lottery came as the UK Lotto increased its cost to play in October 2013, the move which was considered by a large majority as "greedy" looked for … [Read more...]

Health Lottery Results For Saturday 26th July 2014


The mid weekend Health Lottery draw will give players an opportunity to win up to £100,000 when they publish the latest game results. The draw will reveal five main game numbers and one Bonus Ball, if the main game numbers appear on a single line then that player will be qualified for the bank balance boosting £100,000. The Health Lottery is not managed by The National Lottery who oversee games like Thunderball, Lotto and UK EuroMillions, this has allowed the game to create a wide network of perks, mainly the Health Lottery Bet system. The Health Lottery has teamed up with Coral for a profit-creating venture which will see the jackpot raise from £100,000 to £1 million, … [Read more...]

Health Lottery Results Wednesday 23rd July 2014


Wednesday will offer Health Lottery players a chance to win up to either £100,000 or £1,000,000, depending on how they have entered into the game. There are two different ways a player can enter into the Health Lottery and this is through two different methods, players can win up to £100,000 if they purchase a £1 ticket from any of the official Health Lottery outlets or website. Players who want the chance to win the same prizes as the main Health Lottery and up to £1 million, they can enter into a game known as the Health Lottery Bet, which also requests the same £1 cost to play. The Health Lottery Bet game has been created through a partnership between the official … [Read more...]

Health Lottery Results For Saturday 19th July 2014


The Health Lottery will host it's final draw of the week for Saturday 19th July 2014, the jackpot on offer will vary depending on your entry method into the lottery. If you have purchased a Health Lottery ticket from the official Health Lottery website or through a dwindling number of distributors, the available jackpot will be £100,000. If you have managed your tickets through a third party bookmaker, mainly Coral, using the Health Lottery Bet game, you could be in with a chance of winning up to £1 million. This is a large leap on account of an exclusive partnership between The Health Lottery and Coral. The partnership will see all players who enter into the Health … [Read more...]

Health Lottery Results For Saturday 12th July 2014


The Health Lottery will give players the chance to win up to £100,000 through it's weekend draw, held exclusively on Channel 5. The game is drawn twice per week and players are welcome to enter into the game before the Wednesday or Saturday draw. Tickets cost £1 to enter, a strong pulling force behind the game since it's main rival, the UK Lotto, increased it's price to £2. Health Lottery has drawn the support of thousands of disgruntled Lotto players however it's growth has been stunted by the decline in lottery retailers. Several shop keepers have complained that The National Lottery ticket sales usually out perform the Health Lottery by a scale of 1:10, making it … [Read more...]

Health Lottery Results 5th July 2014


The Health Lottery draw for Saturday 5th July will either be for £100,000 or £1 million, depending on how you have purchased your ticket. The Health Lottery can be entered through the official website or by purchasing tickets through a third party bookmaker such as Coral. The Health Lottery Bet game allows players to win the same prizes as the normal lottery but with the introduction of a new tier, up to £1 MILLION can be won through this game. The cost to play the health lottery bet mirrors the same main game with a £1 cost. Health Lottery follows the same draw pattern as the other main games and players can enter into either the Wednesday draw or Saturday game. … [Read more...]

Health Lottery Results for Wednesday 2nd July 2014


As the month of June comes to an end we finally see the first appearance of The Health Lottery for July 2014, the jackpot for tonight's game will be dependable if there has been enough ticket sales to generate a £100,000 jackpot. The final top prize offered, should it be won, will be declared when that lottery winner manages to claim their prize however Health Lottery Bet players will have the opportunity to win up to £1 MILLION. The Health Lottery Bet offers players the same game prizes along with an additional tier of winning up to £1 million, dwarfing the offerings of the official Health Lottery game. The Health Lottery has come under intense fire from The National … [Read more...]

Health Lottery Results For Saturday 28th June 2014

Health Lottery Results Featuted Image 2014

The Health Lottery draw for 28th June 2014 is for the purpose of raising funds for different health related charities in the area of Cumbria. Cumbria is one of 51 different areas in the United Kingdom that is selected to receive funds to help causes that benefit health. These different areas are rotated so that with every game a different area receives the funds. To encourage people to play The Health Lottery there is a jackpot of up to £100,000. As an added incentive players who get their tickets using the Coral bookmaker have an opportunity to win an additional £1 million, on top of the original jackpot. The Health Lottery is comprised of up to 51 different society … [Read more...]

Health Lottery Results For Wednesday 25th June 2014

Health Lottery Results Featured 25th June 2014

Among the 52 health societies which make up the Health Lottery the organisation which will be obtaining funding through tonight's draw is HealthAble, a charity setup to manage health related funding in the Cumbria area. Players who are not familiar with The Health Lottery structure can find a run down on each society charity by visiting the official website, there are 51 society groups which make up the Health Lottery game with each charity representing a specific region of Great Britain. Technically The Health Lottery is 51 independent lottery games but is ran by Northern and Shell, a for-profit company, who have also owned Channel 5 and the Daily Express. The game has … [Read more...]

Health Lottery Results For Saturday 21st June 2014

Health Lottery Draw For Saturday 21st June 2014

The Saturday draw for June 21st 2014 will be used to raise funds for health related causes in the Birmingham area, The Health Lottery is able to achieve this by raising funds in rotation for each of the 51 different specified area of the United Kingdom. To help incentivize players The Health Lottery have offered a top prize of up to £100,000 however if players mange their tickets through the Coral bookmaker they will not only have the chance to win £100k but an additional, exclusive prize of £1 million. To read more about the Health Lottery Bet game players are required to visit the official Coral website. The Health Lottery is made up of 51 society charities which … [Read more...]