The Health Lottery Results & Quick Pick

Unlike the national lottery games within the United Kingdom, The Health Lottery is managed by Northern and Shell, an independent lottery provider. The Health Lottery was created to raise funds for health related causes within the United Kingdom in rotation through the use of society charities. Draws are held twice per week, both are hosted through Channel 5 on Wednesday and Saturday, the draw time can change but usually shows around 21:55. The cost to play The Health Lottery is set at £1 per entry and gives players the chance to win up to £100,000 or £1 million if played through the Health Lottery Bet game. The hosts of the Health Lottery draws change on a weekly basis however the game show includes names such as Sian Welby, Natalie Cassidy and Anne Diamond.

Health Lottery Results: Saturday 18th April

BEHIND THE SCENES: Sian Welby Preparing for The Health Lottery draw

Lottery players will have the chance of winning up to £100,000 in tonight's Health Lottery draw, this game differs to its variant game on Tuesday's and Friday's which only offers £25,000. The Health Lottery currently hosts four weekly draws which makes it the most frequently played game in the United Kingdom, a title which was once held by the National Lottery's Thunderball.HealthThrive is the Community Interest Company which will obtain 20% of tonight's proceeds, the money will then be used to fund local health causes such as Dial South Worcestershire, Blaze Community Foundation and Future Through Sport CIC. A player can read about all the causes which have benefited … [Read more...]

Health Lottery Quick Pick Results: Friday 17th April


Kick starting the weekend lottery draws is the Health Lottery Quick Pick, a draw which will be offering players a shot at a £25,000 jackpot. Other lottery draws which will be played this evening is the EuroMillions and National Lottery Thunderball. The Health Lottery Quick Pick is the cheapest mainstream lottery game within the United Kingdom, charging just 50 per entry, the available prizes are also fixed in this game unlike the two other draws which are taking place this evening.A fixed 20% of tonight's proceeds will make its way to an organisation which is called HealthThrive, a Community Interest Company which operates in the Coventry area. There are 51 different … [Read more...]

Health Lottery Results: Wednesday 15th April 2015


Health Lottery players who live in the Coventry, Warwickshire, Worcestershire and Herefordshire area will be pleased to know that a fixed amount of proceeds from tonight's draw will help local causes in your area. The Community Interest Company (CIC) which has been allocated this weeks draws is HealthThrive, an organisation which has helped many health related causes such as Spotlight on Falinge, Water Adventure Centre and The Mosses Community Association. The organisation has issued over £650,000 to local causes, a full list of beneficiary organisations can be found on the Health Thrive website.The top prize which is available in tonight's draw has been fixed at … [Read more...]

Health Lottery Quick Pick Results: Tuesday 14th April


The Health Lottery Quick Pick will be one of the first games played this week, alongside the National Lottery's EuroMillions. The top prize offered by the Quick Pick lottery is fixed at £25,000 which can be claimed by any player who has a ticket that matches all of tonight's main game numbers. There are only a handful of prizes available in tonight's draw which start from £1, the reason why the Quick Pick game does not host a larger prize offering is due to it having no bonus ball - a key component in growing a lottery prize offering.Players in Coventry will be pleased to know that a fixed proportion of the Health Lottery revenue will be used to help health related … [Read more...]

Health Lottery Results: Saturday 11th April


The weekend Health Lottery draw will be offering ticket holders the chance to win an impressive £100,000 jackpot from a £1 stake, with the added benefit of raising money for health related causes. The top prize is often the most desired offering from the Health Lottery although players will have shot at winning 6 different prizes, some which incorporate the bonus ball and others without. To be classed as a Health Lottery winner a player must match a minimum of 2 main game numbers alongside the bonus ball, as the draw is completely random each player has the same chances of winning a cash sum.Tonight's draw will be the last game to raise money for HealthFit, a lottery … [Read more...]

Health Lottery Quick Pick Results: Friday 10th April


The Health Lottery Quick Pick draw for this evening will be the final game of the week, this will be a players last chance to win up to £25,000 until Tuesday next week. There will be 5 winning numbers selected at random in tonight's draw, prizes are awarded to players for matching a minimum of 2, the cash sum awarded to these lucky players is £1. Health Lottery games this week will be helping raise money for an organisation known as HealthFit, this company issues lottery funding to local level schemes through receiving a minimum of 20% of all lottery proceeds. The HealthFit organisation focuses on causes in the Merseyside area, each week the society will change so the … [Read more...]

Health Lottery Results: Wednesday 8th April


The mid week Health Lottery draw will be offering players a fixed jackpot sum of £100,000 alongside other cash prizes. There are a total of six prizes available in tonight's draw, the entry prize tier requires players to match 2 main game balls plus the bonus ball for a fixed sum of £10, as more numbers are matched the amount offered is increased. A key benefit to the prizes of Health Lottery is they are immune to prize sharing, a scheme which is adopted by the likes of Lotto and EuroMillions which make it hard to predict win amounts.Entering into the Health Lottery draw is easy, tickets can be purchased through the official Health Lottery website or by visiting an … [Read more...]

Health Lottery Quick Pick Results: Tuesday 7th April


Kick starting the Health Lottery draws of this week will be a Health Lottery Quick Pick draw, giving players the chance to win up to £25,000 from just a £0.50 stake. The winning numbers in tonight's draw will reveal 5 winning numbers, prizes start from matching just 2, as more balls are matched against your ticket the higher the reward will be, requiring all 5 to be matched for tonight's jackpot.This evenings Quick Pick draw will be helping raise funds for HealthFit, a Community Interest Company (CIC) which helps health causes in the Merseyside area. This health society charity is one of the few associated with the Health Lottery which has issued over £1,000,000 to … [Read more...]

Health Lottery Results: Saturday 4th April

Featured Image 4th April 2015

The Health Lottery draw for Saturday will be offering players the chance to win up to £100,000, this game differs to the games Health Lottery Quick Pick which is played every Tuesday and Friday. Although the rules surrounding each Health Lottery draw are different the overall cause of the lottery remains the same, to raise money for health related causes around Great Britain.Each week one of the Health Lottery's 51 societies will be allocated a fixed proportion of proceeds from 4 lottery draws, these schemes will then be tasked with issuing the funds to local level schemes. This week will see the health society for Surrey receive 20% of the game's proceeds, this … [Read more...]

Health Lottery Quick Pick Results: Friday 3rd April


Friday April 3rd will see the return of the Health Lottery Quick Pick game, this variation to the main Health Lottery draw will see players have the chance to win up to £25,000 from just a £0.50 stake. The Quick Pick draws are held every Tuesday and Friday with the main £100,000-jackpot game being drawn every Wednesday and Saturday.The Quick Pick game has picked up support from many UK lottery players due to it being the cheapest to play with an impressive top prize, along with other prizes which range from £1 to £100. The only downside to the game is it does not give players the opportunity to select their own numbers, this can be an issue if you are superstitious or … [Read more...]