The Health Lottery Results

Unlike the national lottery games within the United Kingdom, The Health Lottery is managed by Northern and Shell, an independent lottery provider. The Health Lottery was created to raise funds for health related causes within the United Kingdom in rotation through the use of society charities. Draws are held twice per week, both are hosted through Channel 5 on Wednesday and Saturday, the draw time can change but usually shows around 21:55. The cost to play The Health Lottery is set at £1 per entry and gives players the chance to win up to £100,000 or £1 million if played through the Health Lottery Bet game. The hosts of the Health Lottery draws change on a weekly basis however the game show includes names such as Sian Welby, Natalie Cassidy and Anne Diamond.

Health Lottery Results For Wednesday 22nd October


As the dark nights draw in, lottery players around the UK have the ability to win life changing sums of money from the comfort of their own home thanks to tonight's Health Lottery draw. This evenings Health Lottery draw is helping raise money for HealthCalm, a Community Interest Company (CIC) which is committed to helping local health related causes in the Derbyshire area. Prior to tonight's draw the CIC has received £782,605 from the Health Lottery, the funds have helped organisations such as The Conservation Volunteers, Carer's Trust, Sustrans and North Derbyshire Chargers RLFC. This society charity will receive a fixed amount of ticket sales revenue for tonight's and … [Read more...]

Health Lottery Results For Saturday 18th October


Health Lottery players will have the chance to win up to £100,000 through tonight's draw whilst helping raise funds for health related charities in the Lancashire area. The Health Lottery is composed of 51 different Community Interest Companies (CIC's) which represent a specific region of the UK, tonight's CIC has been nominated as HealthHeal. Each designated CIC will receive a minimum of 20% of all ticket sale proceeds from a specific draw, with each charity usually receiving the proceeds from two consecutive draws. The previous game which was held on Wednesday was in aid of the same society charity, a draw which saw over 3,000 players celebrate wins of £250, £50, £20 … [Read more...]

Health Lottery Results For Wednesday 15th October

EXCLUSIVE: Behind The Scenes, Sian Welby Prepares For The Health Lottery Draw

  Wednesday is one of the busiest lottery days within the United Kingdom as games such as Lotto, Thunderball and Health Lottery opting to start their weekly draw schedule. The Health Lottery provides a unique game to lottery players through helping raise funds for health related charities exclusively, the health related game also offers the best jackpot chances in comparison. The top cash sum which is offered through every Health Lottery draw is £100,000, this sum is given to any player who can match all of the main drawn numbers without using the supplied Bonus Ball. The key benefits to using a fixed prize structure, as adopted by the Health Lottery, is … [Read more...]

Health Lottery Results For Saturday 11th October


  The Health Lottery has been full of celebrations this week after hitting its three year birthday, the UK lottery have also been celebrating due to helping raise £365,500 in a single week for health related organisations in Nottinghamshire. The funds raised through the Health Lottery is put to good use after helping fund organisations such as Scope, Disability Nottinghamshire and Youth Sport Trust. The Health Lottery is made up of 51 Community Interest Companies (CIC) which are tasked with overseeing health related funding in a specific region of the United Kingdom, under the watchful eye of the Peoples Health Trust. Each CIC will be nominated to receive a … [Read more...]

Health Lottery Results For Wednesday 8th October

  Wednesday's Health Lottery draw will be hosting an identical £100,000 to the previous draw which was held on Saturday, the same jackpot is not a coincidence but a feature of the Health Lottery fixed prize structure. All the prizes which are on offer this evening will be repeated during the next game, additionally they will not be reduced by prize sharing either, the cash prizes available this evening are £10, £20, £50, £250, £10,000 and £100,000. Prizes are awarded to players through matching winning combinations of drawn numbers, a player is required to match a minimum of 2 balls plus the Bonus in order to be eligible for a prize. The draw will reveal 5 … [Read more...]

Health Lottery Results For Saturday 4th October 2014

Health Lottery Featured Image 4th October 2014

Tonight's Health Lottery draw will be raising funds for HealthRegard, a charitable society group which is tasked with issuing lottery proceeds to local causes in the Nottinghamshire area. Unlike the other mainstream lottery games which focus on a wide network of charitable and community projects the Health Lottery focuses exclusively on health and wellbeing charities. To date there has been £809,959 raised for HealthRegard which has helped projects such as Youth Sport Trust, Bassetlaw Community and Voluntary Service and Nottingham Central Women's Aid. Not only will players be helping raise funds for charitable causes but in return they will also have the opportunity to … [Read more...]

Health Lottery Results For Wednesday 1st October

The benefits of the Health Lottery have been highlighted this week after Roger Daltrey visited an African style drumming workshop in Mowden, a scheme which has received funding directly from the Health Lottery. Tonight's lottery draw will be raising funds for the HealthRegard society, this charitable organisation will issue funding to worthwhile health charities in the Nottingham and Nottinghamshire area of England. To date the CIC has received £809,959 in donations from the Health Lottery which has been used to help schemes such as Scope, Disability Nottinghamshire and Youth Sport Trust. The foundations of the Health Lottery are made up of 51 different societies, each … [Read more...]

Health Lottery Results For Saturday 27th September 2014


The Health Lottery will be offering players the chance to win up to £100,000 in tonight's Health Lottery draw, the life changing sum will be awarded to any player who can match all of the main game numbers revealed in tonight's draw. Tonight's results will be published first online however players wishing to watch the draw can tune into the pre recorded game around 21:55 on Channel 5. The resident host of the draw is usually Channel 5's weather girl Sian Welby however Natalie Cassidy and Anne Diamond have also had the pleasure of hosting the draws. The outcome of tonight's draw will reveal 5 numbers between 1 and 50 along with an additional Bonus Ball, prizes are … [Read more...]

Health Lottery Results For Wednesday 24th September 2014

After a successful week of fundraising for health related causes in Edinburgh and the Lothians, the Health Lottery will now be turning their attention to the Wolverhampton area. Each week the Health Lottery draw will nominate one of their 51 society charities to be the recipient of a fixed proportion of proceeds from a particular draw, each one of the society groups represents a specific region of the United Kingdom. A society charity acts as a gateway between local community projects and funding raised from the Health Lottery draws, there has been over £50 million raised to date. Last weeks Health Lottery draw was in aid of HealthShow which represents worthwhile … [Read more...]

Health Lottery Results For Saturday 20th September 2014

The afterglow of the Scottish independence referendum is still making way in the United Kingdom's media however the focus of tonight's Health Lottery is to serve the many worthwhile health charities in Edinburgh and the Lothians. Health Lottery has raised over £438,309 for health related causes in this area helping health projects such as Sustrans, Eczema Outreach and The Conservation Volunteers. Every Health Lottery player this evening will be helping to raise additional funds along with having the chance of winning up to £100,000 through tonight's jackpot. A fixed proportion of every ticket sold will be donated to HealthShow, a society setup which manages funding in … [Read more...]