The Health Lottery Results

Unlike the national lottery games within the United Kingdom, The Health Lottery is managed by Northern and Shell, an independent lottery provider. The Health Lottery was created to raise funds for health related causes within the United Kingdom in rotation through the use of society charities. Draws are held twice per week, both are hosted through Channel 5 on Wednesday and Saturday, the draw time can change but usually shows around 21:55. The cost to play The Health Lottery is set at £1 per entry and gives players the chance to win up to £100,000 or £1 million if played through the Health Lottery Bet game. The hosts of the Health Lottery draws change on a weekly basis however the game show includes names such as Sian Welby, Natalie Cassidy and Anne Diamond. Players can find out the latest information regarding the Bet game or more information about the lottery, through the Health Lottery website.

Health Lottery Results Saturday 30th August 2014


The final Health Lottery draw for August will be raising funds for charitable causes in South Yorkshire through their lottery organisation HealthRich. The organisation HealthRich is just one of 51 different companies setup to represent and receive funding on behalf of all areas of the United Kingdom. A Health Lottery draw will be managed on behalf of one of these 51 companies in rotation with 20% of the proceeds being issued the companies. When a fixed proportion of the ticket sales has been issued to that particular society it's then their responsibility to filter it down to local level schemes. The HealthRich organisation has received £639,811 in funding from the … [Read more...]

Health Lottery Results Wednesday 27th August 2014


Health Lottery players from around the United Kingdom will be playing to raise funds for health related causes in South Yorkshire and surrounding areas. The ability to raise funds for specific areas of England, Scotland, Ireland and Wales is through dedicating draws to specific regions on a weekly basis, the Health Lottery is able to do this by creating 51 different organisations which represent a specific area. For each draw The Health Lottery will nominate one of the 51 society charities to receive the funding through a fixed proportion of proceeds, this usually revolves around 20%. The Health Lottery has picked up ground during the back end of 2013 after The … [Read more...]

Health Lottery Results For Saturday 23rd August 2014


The Health Lottery draw could make several lucky players £100,000 richer should they successfully match the jackpot winning combination. There is also a chance to win up to £1 million through the Health Lottery Bet game which is managed by the bookmakers Coral. The Health Lottery Bet game is very similar to the Irish Lotto Bet and 49ers, this requires a player to bet on the outcome of the game, similar to playing the normal Health Lottery game but with a much larger jackpot. Each draw which is carried out by The Health Lottery is aimed at raising funds for a specific region of the United Kingdom. Although the lottery may look unified it is actually made up of 51 … [Read more...]

Health Lottery Results For Wednesday 20th August 2014


The Health Lottery Bet players who have entered into tonight's draw through Coral can win up to £1 million however if entry has been made through the normal Health Lottery then the top prize available is fixed at £100,000. A top prize winner is made when all of the drawn numbers are matched with the exception of the Bonus Ball, this additional Bonus number is used to provider players with more prizes but not count towards the jackpot. Players with less luck than the jackpot winners can still obtain a cash prize through the Health Lottery, if two main game numbers are matched along with the Bonus Ball then that winning ticket will qualify the owner to a fixed £10 cash … [Read more...]

Health Lottery Results For Saturday 16th August 2014


The Health Lottery is back again in its second and final draw after Wednesday, the total amount on offer through The Health Lottery is currently £1 million when played through The Health Lottery Bet game. The Health Lottery Bet is an independent game offered by Coral, the cost to play is still at £1 and offers all the normal ways to win, with an addition prize of £1 million, 10 times larger than the normal amount offered through The Health Lottery. The numbers for tonight's draw are published online however the draw is held on repeat on the Channel 5 broadcast channel, players can tune in to watch the draw unfold which is normally hosted by Sian Welby. The other hosts … [Read more...]

Health Lottery Results Wednesday 13th August 2014


One of the first UK draws to take place on Wednesday 13th August will be The Health Lottery after the game have decided to bring forward their mid week draw. The results of the draw can usually be found around 20:30 on the night of the draw, results are usually published before 21:00 GMT. The draw is held in front of an independent adjudicator to ensure the game is fair and each Health Lottery ticket owner has an equal chance of winning. The outcome of tonight's draw will reveal 6 numbers, 5 will be classed as main game numbers whilst the additional number is considered a Bonus Ball. To become a top level jackpot winner a Health Lottery player is required to match all of … [Read more...]

Health Lottery Results For Saturday 9th August 2014


Health Lottery players will be helping raise money for health related causes in the Greater Manchester area, this will be done through a proportion of the proceeds being used as a donation to the HealthSustain organisation. Although The Health Lottery may appear as a single game it is actually made up of 51 different organisations, each group represents a separate area of England, Scotland and Wales. Each week an organisation will be allocated two draws and the purpose of the lottery for that particular week is to raise funds for local level schemes, this is done through setting aside 20% of the total proceeds for that game. Players will have the chance to win cash … [Read more...]

Health Lottery Results For Wednesday 6th August 2014


Health Lottery players will have the chance of winning up to £1 million through the Health Lottery bet game, managed directly through coral. Normal Health Lottery players will be able to win a maximum of £100,000 through matching all of the main game numbers. The Health Lottery is one of the few remaining UK lottery games which only cost £1 to play, its main rival, the UK Lotto, currently charges its players £2 per entry. The results of the Health Lottery draw will be published through the Channel 5 draw, players can tune in to watch the draw unfold live however players can find the results published shortly afterwards on our Health Lottery results page. The Health … [Read more...]

Health Lottery Results For Saturday 2nd August 2014


The Health Lottery draw for Saturday 2nd August 2014 will be for the consistent jackpot of £100,000. The top prize is fixed to every draw which is carried out through the Health Lottery however if insufficient tickets have been sold for a particular draw then the jackpot will be reduced. For the majority of lottery games there will be a fixed amount of the ticket sales dedicated to the jackpot prize, if the quota fails to make the desired £100,000 then the overall jackpot will be reduced. A Health Lottery player can have the same chances at winning the top prize however if they are able to enter through Coral, into the Health Lottery Bet game, the top prize will be raised … [Read more...]

Health Lottery Results For Wednesday 30th July 2014


The Health Lottery has introduced a new promotion this month to help raise the amount of ticket sales, the offer consists of getting £15 off a Tesco shopping bill when a user signs up for Direct Debit. The lottery has had several set backs over the last few months with almost 10% of all their retailers refusing to sell their tickets. Many UK Health Lottery retailers have reported that the sales are so small that in some instances The National Lottery outperform sales by 10 to 1. The main increase to sales for The Health Lottery came as the UK Lotto increased its cost to play in October 2013, the move which was considered by a large majority as "greedy" looked for … [Read more...]