The UK Lotto & Lotto Raffle Results

The UK Lotto game is one of the most popular lotteries within the United Kingdom, second only to the EuroMillions game. A recent restructuring of the game took place in October 2013 which saw the introduction of the Lotto Raffle along with a price hike of 100%. The Lotto game costs players £2 per entry however all tickets purchased will receive automatic entry into the Lotto Raffle game, giving players an additional way to win. A random raffle number is shown at the bottom of a Lotto ticket, the managing body will then pool all of the raffle numbers in play and select a fixed amount to become winners of £20,000. There are 50 winners made through the Lotto Raffle game during basic draw conditions however the amount of winners does increase by increments of 50 during jackpot rollovers. This game is drawn every Wednesday and Saturday, the mid week draw is hosted exclusively online however Saturday's draw can be seen on BBC One evenings program.

UK Lotto and Lotto Raffle Results For Wednesday 17th September 2014


It's been full steam ahead for the UK Lotto game after The National Lottery announced the game has been subject to a quadruple rollover, boosting the estimated jackpot to unprecedented levels. The UK Lotto players will have the ability to win up to £13,000,000 through matching the jackpot winning combination of numbers, this is currently set at matching all the main game numbers without using the Bonus Ball. The mammoth jackpot is not the only prize that's up for grabs in tonight's Lotto draw, there are 5 different prize tiers associated with the game, the entry level cash prize starts from just matching 3 main game numbers. If a player is fortunate enough to match … [Read more...]

UK Lotto and Lotto Raffle Results For Saturday 13th September 2014


With only 103 days until Christmas a windfall on the UK Lotto may seem appealing to the majority of our readers more so with the estimated jackpot being boosted to £11,000,000 after three consecutive rollover draws. There were 176,017 winners made with the previous Lotto draw but not one single player managed to unlock the top prize tier which requires the matching of all the main game numbers without the use of the Bonus Ball. The rollover feature is a common addition to a large proportion of lottery games, the structure of a rollover gives the game a good foundation for developing larger jackpots. The benefits of the rollover feature has been demonstrated not only in … [Read more...]

UK Lotto and Lotto Raffle Results For Wednesday 10th September


The lottery games available to UK players have seen a hike in available jackpots, the EuroMillions has received a strong roll of rollovers which allowed the jackpot to accumulate to an estimated £52 million. The UK lotto is also one of the games which have had a rapid increase in the top prize offering, players for this evening will have an opportunity to win up to £8.2 million. Alongside the bloated jackpot players will have an additional 100 chances at winning through the Lotto Raffle game, there will be 150 winning numbers selected at random accompanying the main draw numbers. Tonight's Lotto game is a product of a double rollover, this occurs when a game has no top … [Read more...]

UK Lotto and Lotto Raffle Results For Saturday 6th September 2014


The UK Lotto is one of a handful of games which have received a large increase in the size of the jackpot, the Irish Lotto, UK Lotto and EuroMillions are just a few of the games who have seen a large jump in their top prize through the rollover feature. The unusual string of rollovers have come at the convenient time of the National Lottery's new website launch, making full use of their new design graphics to promote their current jackpots. The official National Lottery website went offline last weekend as the company launched their new site, the fresh new National Lottery website went live this Monday and has received praise for the transformation. The main emphasis on … [Read more...]

UK Lotto and Lotto Raffle Numbers For Wednesday 3rd September


The first draw in September will provide Lotto ticket holders the opportunity to win up to an estimated £2.1 million, the life changing amount will be credited to the player or players who manage to match tonight's main game numbers. The jackpot requirement for the Lotto does not include the Bonus Ball unlike alternative games like Thunderball instead players are required to match all 6 main game numbers. The Bonus Ball is provided to give players additional methods of winning a cash prize, there is currently one prize tier which requires the Bonus to be matched. The Lotto draw is directly impacted by the outcome of the previous game, in the event of a draw yielding a … [Read more...]

UK Lotto and Lotto Raffle Results For Saturday 30th August 2014


Online National Lottery players are being advised to manually write their numbers down after scheduled maintenance for this evening on the official National Lottery website, this is due to the lottery provider upgrading their existing website. Camelot have said the website will be stripped down to the bare-bones of functionality until Monday 1st September 2014 which will see the new version of the website being unveiled. There has been a relatively large amount of changes taken place to not only the National Lottery but to some of their games too, October 2013 saw big changes occur to the UK Lotto game. During the restructuring efforts of Lotto players saw the price to … [Read more...]

UK Lotto and Lotto Raffle Results Wednesday 27th August 2014


The UK Lotto jackpot for Wednesday 27th August 2014 is estimated at £2.1 million, this comes directly after the Saturday draw which saw one lucky player scoop a top prize of £7,775,405. The draw which took place on Saturday 23rd August 2014 was the product of several Lotto rollovers, increasing the total amount on offer to an estimated £8.1 million. When a Lotto draw manages to host a winning ticket that matches all 6 main game numbers then the following draw will have a reduced or bottomed out jackpot, such as tonight's draw. The Lotto draw for Saturday 23rd August 2014 created 328,866 cash prize winners, the majority of which won with the Match 3 prize tier, the … [Read more...]

UK Lotto and Lotto Raffle Results Saturday 23rd August 2014


UK Lotto players are waiting in anticipation for tonight's results to be published after the game managed to build up an estimated jackpot of £8.1 million. Players will not only benefit from a much larger jackpot but also the 150 Lotto Raffle prizes on offer thanks to the rollover scheme imbedded into the game. The jackpot and raffle rollover stems from the misfortune of previous players, a rollover occurs when a previous game fails to make a top prize winner, when such games occur the funds set aside for the top prize in that draw will fund the following game. The Lotto will then combine the previous jackpot amount with a fixed percentage of proceeds of ticket sales to … [Read more...]

UK Lotto and Lotto Raffle Results For Wednesday 20th August 2014


Lotto players from the United Kingdom will have the opportunity to play for an estimated jackpot of £5.6 million, the mid week jackpot has reach an unusual high after the previous Saturday draw revealed a set of numbers which were not fully matched. Not only will players be able to win a large sum of money through the main draw but potentially £20,000 through the Lotto Raffle game. After tonight's draw has been published live on YouTube at around 20:00 GMT the winning numbers will be revealed as 6 main game numbers and one bonus ball from between the ranges of 1 and 49. All ticket holders for tonight's main draw will have free entry into the Lotto Raffle game, there … [Read more...]

UK Lotto and Lotto Raffle Results For Saturday 16th August 2014


The UK Lotto has been under intense fire this week after a flaw emerged in their prize structure associated with the game, the previous draw failed to award winners of matching 4 numbers a cash prize which was higher than the players matching 3 numbers. This blatant flaw in the UK Lotto prize structure has forced many players to seek alternative games, such as the Irish Lotto and Thunderball, as National Lottery have not commented on the error it would appear that it could happen again. The Lotto has had a string of bad press associated with the game after its price increase in October 2013, creating many disgruntled players. The draw for this evening may hopefully … [Read more...]