The UK Lotto & Lotto Raffle Results

The UK Lotto game is one of the most popular lotteries within the United Kingdom, second only to the EuroMillions game. A recent restructuring of the game took place in October 2013 which saw the introduction of the Lotto Raffle along with a price hike of 100%. The Lotto game costs players £2 per entry however all tickets purchased will receive automatic entry into the Lotto Raffle game, giving players an additional way to win. A random raffle number is shown at the bottom of a Lotto ticket, the managing body will then pool all of the raffle numbers in play and select a fixed amount to become winners of £20,000. There are 50 winners made through the Lotto Raffle game during basic draw conditions however the amount of winners does increase by increments of 50 during jackpot rollovers. This game is drawn every Wednesday and Saturday, the mid week draw is hosted exclusively online however Saturday's draw can be seen on BBC One evenings program.

Lotto Raffle Numbers: Saturday 18th April

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The National Lottery have revealed that tonight's UK lotto estimated jackpot currently stands at around £4 million - this sum had the potential to be much larger however one lucky player managed to hit the top prize during the previous draw on Wednesday. The UK Lotto is well known for high jackpots and this is usually down to how the game is structured, a big factor in growing the jackpot is ticket sales however a secondary source of funds is a rollover. The term rollover is used to describe a draw which fails to make a jackpot winner, the allocated top prize funds will then be used as a foundation for the following game, alongside the ticket sales. The rollover feature … [Read more...]

Lotto Raffle Numbers: Wednesday 15th April

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If you missed our live stream of tonight's draw you can find the winning Lotto numbers at the bottom of this page, in future players can tune into watch the live Lotto draw unfold around 20:00 GMT every Wednesday. The Lotto Raffle results are drawn a little later in the evening and often appear around 21:00, each Lotto draw will host 50 different winning numbers which will offer players a fixed prize of £20,000.Tonight's draw is the product of a double rollover, this has sky-rocketed the estimated jackpot to an impressive £7.6 million. In order to qualify for the life changing sum a player will need to match all of the drawn numbers minus the bonus, if more than one … [Read more...]

Lotto Raffle Numbers For Saturday 11th April

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It's a rollover jackpot for the Lotto draw of Saturday 11th April, ticket holders will be playing for an estimated jackpot of £5.9 million according to the National Lottery. The secondary game of Lotto Raffle will also be making 50 winners of £20,000, although at one point the Lotto Raffle did increase during a rollover event but this has since been changed. Players may not remember entering into the Lotto Raffle and this is due to it being an automatic inclusion when a Lotto ticket is purchased, your raffle combination can be found at the bottom of your ticket.If no in-play tickets manage to match all 6 main game numbers in tonight's draw then the estimated top prize … [Read more...]

Lotto Raffle Numbers: Wednesday 8th April

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The estimated jackpot for the UK Lotto mid week draw has been set at £2.1 million, the actual figure will be released when ticket sales have been stopped and the National Lottery are able to calculate jackpot percentages. There are a total of 5 prize tiers offered by the UK Lotto draw which include a jackpot combination of matching all 6 main game numbers without the bonus ball. The minimum amount of matched numbers to become a prize winner stands at 3 main game balls, this will offer a ticket holder a fixed sum of £25.Wednesday's Lotto draw has a relatively low jackpot offering due to a top prize winner being made at the last draw on Saturday, one very lucky ticket … [Read more...]

Lotto Raffle Numbers: Saturday 4th April

Lotto Featured: Saturday 4th April 2015

The UK Lotto is offering an estimated jackpot of £5.4 million for its bank holiday weekend draw, alongside 50 potential prizes of £20,000 through the Lotto Raffle game. The estimated top prize is slightly higher than previous weekend draws on account of Wednesday's game failing to make a jackpot winner, causing a rollover to occur.Players are required to select 6 numbers between 1 and 49 and if they are able to match these against tonight's main draw numbers they can qualify for a jackpot lump sum, as with all UK gambling games these winnings are immune to tax and are awarded as whole figures. The main jackpot offering is the most demanded prize however there are … [Read more...]

Lotto Raffle Numbers: Wednesday 1st April 2015

Lotto Featured: Wednesday 1st April 2015

The United Kingdom's Lotto draw for Wednesday 1st April will be offering players the chance of taking home up to £2,000,000. The estimated jackpot will be awarded to any ticket holder who has the top prize winning combination of numbers, this requires the matching of all the main game numbers with the exception of the bonus ball. Players who are not lucky enough to hit the life changing jackpot can also have a shot at the other available prizes, cash rewards are offered from matching 3 numbers which offers a fixed prize of £25. There are 5 prize tiers available in tonight's draw, each with varying amounts for prizes, the total prize breakdown and allocated rewards will be … [Read more...]

Lotto Raffle Numbers: Saturday 28th March

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Tonight's UK Lotto will be hosting an estimated jackpot of £4 million, according to the National Lottery. Players will have to overcome the odds and match all of the main game numbers without the use of a bonus ball, if more than one player qualifies for this prize then it will be shared equally. The UK Lotto has struggled to offer anything above the bare-bones jackpot of £2.1 million on Wednesday and £4 million on Saturday, this is due to jackpot winners in most previous games. If there is a Lotto draw which fails to draw a set of numbers that matches any in-play tickets then the amount will be rolled over to the next game, which usually builds excitement among players, … [Read more...]

Lotto Raffle Numbers: Wednesday 25th March


The UK Lotto draw for Wednesday 25th March will be hosting an estimated jackpot of £2.1 million, along with 50 Lotto Raffle prizes up for grabs. The results of tonight's draw will be published exclusively online with the draw taking place live through the National Lottery's YouTube channel. You can watch the draw take place around 20:55 through the WagerPod site, once the draw has completed the results will be uploaded.The last Lotto draw to take place was on Saturday 21st March, the results of the game allowed two ticket holders to claim the game's top prize of £3,129,256 each. There were 336,419 winners made during the last game including 50 fixed winners of the … [Read more...]

Lotto Raffle Numbers For Saturday 21st March

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The UK Lotto is offering players the chance to get their hands on an estimated £4 million, all players are required to do is match the winning combination of numbers in tonight's draw. There will be 7 numbers drawn from the lottery machine with 6 acting as main game balls and 1 being allocated as the Bonus, for a player to win the jackpot the bonus ball must not be used.The last Lotto draw took place on Wednesday, the game made 191,263 cash prize winners in total. There was one single ticket that qualified for the top prize of £1,364,946 with all other winners taking home a lower cash amount. The total amount of money which was issued in prizes was revealed by the … [Read more...]

UK Lotto and Lotto Raffle Results Wednesday 18th March

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The jackpot for tonight's UK Lotto has been estimated by The National Lottery to stand at £2.1 million, this number has been forecast after the previous Saturday draw saw a jackpot winner. The top prize associated with the Lotto is accumulated through ticket sales and rollovers, an event on which the game reveals a set of numbers which does not quality any ticket holders to the top prize.The last UK Lotto draw to take place was on Saturday 14th March, the game managed to make a single jackpot winner who took home £3,853,905 from a £2 ticket. There were a total of 293,579 winners made during the last draw with the largest amount of winners being created in the match 3 … [Read more...]