The UK Lotto & Lotto Raffle Results

The UK Lotto game is one of the most popular lotteries within the United Kingdom, second only to the EuroMillions game. A recent restructuring of the game took place in October 2013 which saw the introduction of the Lotto Raffle along with a price hike of 100%. The Lotto game costs players £2 per entry however all tickets purchased will receive automatic entry into the Lotto Raffle game, giving players an additional way to win. A random raffle number is shown at the bottom of a Lotto ticket, the managing body will then pool all of the raffle numbers in play and select a fixed amount to become winners of £20,000. There are 50 winners made through the Lotto Raffle game during basic draw conditions however the amount of winners does increase by increments of 50 during jackpot rollovers. This game is drawn every Wednesday and Saturday, the mid week draw is hosted exclusively online however Saturday's draw can be seen on BBC One evenings program.

UK Lotto and Lotto Raffle Results Wednesday 30th July 2014


The National Lottery are offering Lotto players the chance to win up to an estimated £2.1 million, the sum will be divided equally among all ticket holders that match the drawn numbers for tonight's game. Additionally there are 55 ways to win a cash prize with this evenings Lotto game, 5 prizes can be obtained through matching a winning combination of drawn numbers, a full list of available prizes are available at the bottom of this page. As of October 2013 there is now a minimum of 50 chances to win a fixed £20,000 cash prize, this is through a sideline game known as the UK Lotto Raffle. Entry into the UK Lotto Raffle is mandatory on purchasing an entry ticket into … [Read more...]

Lotto and Lotto Raffle Results For Saturday 26th July 2014

UK Lotto Featured Image 26th July 2014

The United Kingdom Lotto for Saturday 26th July 2014 has estimated that the top prize available in tonight's draw currently stands at £4.1 million. This sum has been generated through estimating the average ticket sales for the Saturday draw and allocating a fixed proportion of proceeds towards the prizes available however the final figure based on actual sales will be released after the draw has taken place. The reason behind the £4.1 million jackpot is due to the outcome of the previous draw, each Lotto is directly impacted by the outcome of the previous draw, the draw on the previous Wednesday yielded a jackpot winner which reset the playing levels to its basic £4.1m … [Read more...]

UK Lotto and Lotto Raffle Results For Wednesday 23rd July 2014


The National Lottery are hosting a £2.1m top prize with tonight's UK Lotto, the game will also see an additional 50 winners made through the UK Lotto Raffle game. The top prize has been dropped to its base amount due to the previous draw holding an active top prize ticket. The previous Lotto game saw one very lucky ticket holder scoop the full top prize of £3,689,940 after matching all 6 main game numbers without making use of the Bonus Ball. The prizes associated with the Lotto game do not change, it's the same winning combinations which will qualify a player for a cash prize however the amount of money available will change draw by draw. Excluding the Lotto Raffle there … [Read more...]

UK Lotto and Lotto Raffle Results for Saturday 19th July 2014


The United Kingdom Lotto will be hosting a top prize of £4.1 million, as their motto says, this is a truly life changin sum however the top prize is the usual base jackpot. The Lotto game is structured around a dynamic jackpot accumulation process which is influenced by rollovers and ticket sales. The reason that tonight's jackpot is at the base £4.1m is due to the previous game yielding a jackpot winner, one very lucky winner took a cash prize of £1.6m. The previous Lotto game saw over 174,000 winners take home a cash prize, to be qualified as cash prize winner the minimum amount of numbers matched for a cash prize is three. There we over £7.6m paid out in prizes during … [Read more...]

Lotto Results For Wednesday 16th July 2014


The UK Lotto draw for Wednesday 16th July 2014 will have a life changing £2.1m as it's top prize. To be qualified to take that large top prize home a player must own a UK Lotto ticket which matches all of the main game numbers without the Bonus Ball appearing on the results line. If you are not lucky enough to win then there are plenty of more impressive cash prizes to be won. There are 6 different ways a player can win with the UK Lotto, which can be increased further when calculating the Lotto Raffle. The UK Lotto is ran by the National Lottery, the organisation made a business decision to restructure the Lotto game in October 2013. There was a mixed response among … [Read more...]

Irish Lotto Results For Wednesday 16th July 2014

Irish Featured Image 16th July 2014

That strange sensation you have been feeling all day may actually be the luck of the Irish as tonight's Lotto jackpot is an estimated €3m. This bank breaking sum will be sent from the National Lottery to your bank account if you are fortunate enough to possess a lottery ticket that matches all 6 main game numbers. Should you be that lucky player then you will of managed to achieve what the previous game could not, as the Irish Lotto is a dynamic structure the amount of monies available for a particular draw is determined by the previous game. If the lottery has no active tickets that match all 6 main game numbers without the use of the bonus ball then the amount available … [Read more...]

UK Lotto Results For Saturday 12th July 2014


The UK Lotto hosts a top jackpot prize of an estimated £4.1m, this life changing cash prize will be awarded to any ticket holder who matches all of the 6 main game numbers without the use of the Bonus Ball. If more than one ticket matches the top prize winning combination then the prize fund will be shared equally among all players. The previous draw took place on Wednesday 9th July 2014, this game managed to make two very lucky players millionaires, this has a direct impact on the following game as the UK Lotto has a dynamic and accumulating prize structure. When a game fails to make a jackpot winner the funds set aside for that particular draw will be used as a starting … [Read more...]

Lotto Results For Wednesday 9th July 2014

Lotto Featured Image Wednesday 9th July 2014

The Wednesday draw for UK Lotto is unusually high thanks to a rollover which took place on Saturday, as the structure of this game is dynamic it has a direct impact from the outcome of a previous game. The previous draw for Saturday 5th July saw over 300,000 players take home a cash prize with over 292,000 winning £25 through the Match 3 prize tier. There were 5 second prize winners which took £59,520 each however no tickets had the top prize winning combination which has increased the amount in play for tonight's game. The top prize associated with a Lotto draw is not the only prize to increase during a rollover, since October 2013 there has been a secondary game … [Read more...]

Lotto and Lotto Raffle Results For Saturday 5th July 2014

Lotto Featured Image 5th July 2014

The Lotto draw for Saturday 5th July will take place on BBC One under the TV program named "The National Lottery: Break the Safe". Although the TV show will draw the Lotto and Thunderball games live there has also been a quiz style show incorporated into the National Lottery TV slot. Break the Safe is a quiz which gives three groups of couples the chance to compete for a share of up to £100,000, the money is accumulated through answering questions correctly. Players who wish to skip the TV program can find the results on the BBC news shortly after the draw or can visit our Lotto Results page. The first which will be aired is the Thunderball which is usually shown during … [Read more...]

Lotto and Lotto Raffle Results For Wednesday 2nd July 2014


The first Lotto game of July will see a bare-minimum jackpot being offered which is estimated at £2.1 million, this comes directly after the previous draw on Saturday on which a player managed to win the top prize. The prize kitty for the UK Lotto jackpot is accumulated through a process known as a rollover along with other factors such as ticket sales, when a game manages to make a jackpot winner the funds are then reset to an estimated level based around ticket sales. The Wednesday draw will roughly estimate the jackpot around £2-2.2m but the total figure may change depending on the final outcome. Regardless of the prize available in the Lotto game the amount on offer … [Read more...]