Thunderball Lottery Results

The Thunderball lottery is operated alongside the UK Lotto and EuroMillions game under the watchful eye of The National Lottery. The Thunderball is one of the most frequently drawn lottery games with draws taking place every Wednesday, Friday and Saturday. The purpose of the Thunderball lottery is to raise money for the Big Lottery Fund, this organisation will use a fixed proportion of the proceeds of the game to fund charitable projects and organisations. The prize structure associated with the Thunderball game is that of fixed nature, the prizes are never changing nor diluted through sharing. Each game of this lottery is for a jackpot of £500,000 and offers players an enticing prize tier of being able to win by matching just one single number, the Thunderball bonus ball.

Thunderball Results For Saturday 20th September 2014


Tonight's Thunderball draw will mark the third and final game of the week, the previous draw was held yesterday and players who have ticket for tonight's game will be playing for the exact same jackpot. The main different between last night and this evenings game is the way on which the results will be drawn and shown, the live Thunderball draw will take place on BBC One's National Lottery TV program. Prior to the draw taking place there will be a quiz show hosted along with various interviews of beneficiaries of lottery funding. This evenings National Lottery program will take place at 20:10 GMT, the results are normally revealed around 20:30 with the numbers being … [Read more...]

Thunderball Results For Friday 19th September 2014


EuroMillions has picked up the limelight this week after the game has announced an estimated jackpot of £69 million after a series of rollover events. The Thunderball's £500,000 jackpot may seem feeble in comparison but the odds of winning are reflected in the prize difference, the odds of scooping the EuroMillions jackpot are 1 in 116,531,800 in comparison to the 1:3,895,584 for Thunderball. The cost to play the Thunderball is also in favour of the players with just a £1 price tag, £1 cheaper than the EuroMillions £2 per entry. As the most frequently drawn games within the United Kingdom players can enjoy three weekly draws, each taking place on Wednesday, Friday and … [Read more...]

Thunderball Results For Wednesday 17th September 2014


It's been a busy week for the National Lottery after two of their games have reached a large jackpot size after a string of rollovers, this evenings UK Lotto will be for an estimated £13 million. The Lotto game will not be the only game to increase interest due to the size of its jackpot, Friday's EuroMillions has reached an estimated jackpot of £69 million. The Thunderball differs from the other games provided by The National Lottery as the prizes are fixed in nature, each prize won will offer players a standard prize with a consistent game jackpot of £500,000. There are 9 ways to win with the Thunderball and each prize tier has a consistent prize for all draws, cash … [Read more...]

Thunderball Results For Saturday 13th September 2014


The National Lottery are offering players an increased jackpot size for two of their main games, the EuroMillions has generated an estimated jackpot of £53 million whilst the UK lotto has seen four rollovers. Although these games have managed to accumulate large jackpots due to players not being able to hit the top prize, the Thunderball has had a streak of non-jackpot games for 12 draws. The Thunderball lottery does not have any rollover feature which means that the total amount on offer will mirror the prize of the previous draws, which currently stands at £500,000. To become a Thunderball top prize winner a player must own an entry ticket which matches all the main … [Read more...]

Thunderball Results For Friday 12th September 2014


After 11 Thunderball draws the top prize of £500,000 is still yet to be won, tonight's game will be the 12th consecutive draw which has failed to make a jackpot winner. The £500k cash prize will be credited to any lottery player that can match tonight's 5 main game numbers and the Thunderball, which acts as a Bonus Ball. A popular feature among Thunderball players is the prize arrangement with this game, all the cash rewards are fixed and not subject to being reduced through prize sharing, this allows each game to host the same cash prizes. There has been some negative press relating to The National Lottery's Lotto game as a higher cash prize was awarded to a harder prize … [Read more...]

Thunderball Results For Wednesday 10th September


The Thunderball lottery has not seen a jackpot winner for 10 consecutive games as no lottery ticket holders have managed to match all 5 main game numbers plus the Thunderball. This long run of misfortune can be rectified this evening if all numbers are matched against the drawn results of tonight's game on at least one players ticket. There are a total of 9 possible prizes available through this UK lottery game which starts from just a £3 return, the cash prize is increased as more numbers are matched leading up to the £500,000 jackpot. Wednesday 10th September will kick start the Thunderball cycle which consists of three weekly draws, players have the ability to enter … [Read more...]

Thunderball Results For Saturday 6th September

Thunderball Featured Image Saturday 6th September 2014

The Thunderball lottery has been an uneventful game after the previous 10 games have failed to make a £500,000 winner however the tide can be changed if a ticket holder manages to match the winning combination of numbers. A Thunderball jackpot can be claimed from any lottery player who can match the 5 main drawn numbers plus the Bonus Ball, the credited amount to that player will be £500k. The prizes associated with this game are fixed which means the top prize, along with the other cash prizes, will be guaranteed regardless of the amount of winners made. Players who fail to possess the luck required to hit the life changing top prize will have an additional 8 chances … [Read more...]

Thunderball Results For Wednesday 3rd September 2014


The final lottery game for Wednesday 3rd September is for the Thunderball draw, the game comes last after the UK and Irish Lotto. The Thunderball is a game which is completely unique to the other lottery games offered by both independent retailers and The National Lottery. Thunderball hosts a top prize of £500,000 which is guaranteed, unlike other games which either accumulate a jackpot or offer lower amounts, this lottery is also the only UK national game which costs £1 to play. Games are held every Wednesday, Friday and Saturday which makes it the most frequently draw game in the UK, this gives players the option to enter into all three of just one of the weekly … [Read more...]

Thunderball Results For Saturday 30th August 2014


Thunderball players will not be able to check their tickets through the National Lottery website after a recent announcement that will be going offline from 19:30 this evening until Monday 1st September 2014. The National Lottery have commented that the downtime is due to their website obtaining a facelift however they have reassured that all players who have signed up to Direct Debit will carry on as normal. The website will host the latest lottery results but will be stripped down to the bare minimum functionality until they launch their new website. Camelot, the company behind The National Lottery, manage not only the Thunderball lottery but … [Read more...]

Thunderball Results For Friday 29th August 2014


Thunderball players around the United Kingdom will have their second chance of winning up to £500,000 through the National Lottery run game. The Lotto rival is the only national game to be played three times per week, players have the ability to enter into the Wednesday, Friday and Saturday game. The National Lottery are the managing body behind the Thunderball and it's a standalone game with unique perks and rules surrounding the lottery. Players can purchase a ticket and have the same chances of winning £500,000 for every draw, this is due to the prize structure behind the game. Most other lottery games use a proportion of ticket sales to generate prize amounts … [Read more...]