Thunderball Lottery Results

The Thunderball lottery is operated alongside the UK Lotto and EuroMillions game under the watchful eye of The National Lottery. The Thunderball is one of the most frequently drawn lottery games with draws taking place every Wednesday, Friday and Saturday. The purpose of the Thunderball lottery is to raise money for the Big Lottery Fund, this organisation will use a fixed proportion of the proceeds of the game to fund charitable projects and organisations. The prize structure associated with the Thunderball game is that of fixed nature, the prizes are never changing nor diluted through sharing. Each game of this lottery is for a jackpot of £500,000 and offers players an enticing prize tier of being able to win by matching just one single number, the Thunderball bonus ball.

Thunderball Results For Wednesday 22nd October

Although the main focus this week has been on the EuroMillions draw after it managed to hit an estimated jackpot of £150,000,000, the Thunderball lottery still has the potential to add some joy to the recent invasion of dark nights. The fixed jackpot which is tethered to the Thunderball is set at £500,000, putting it at the largest jackpot for just a £1 stake. The half-a-million top prize will become the property of any lottery player who matches all of tonight's main game results plus the Bonus Ball, the fixed jackpot will then be issued regardless of prize sharing, a key benefit to the game's prize structure. The results for the Wednesday Thunderball draw remains to … [Read more...]

Thunderball Results For Saturday 18th October

Tonight' Thunderball draw is the third and final draw of the week however thanks to the games fixed prize offering players can win up to £500,000 by matching all of tonight's draw numbers. The previous Thunderball draw took place last night with 104,321 players winning a cash prize, each taking a share of the £600,988 overall prize pot. There are 9 prizes available through the Thunderball draw, all cash rewards revolve around matching a winning combination of numbers, starting with just one. Thunderball is the only UK lottery which allows players to win a cash prize by matching one single number, that number being the bonus Thunderball. There were 43,151 winners made … [Read more...]

Thunderball Results For Friday 17th October

The second lottery to be drawn on a Friday is the UK Thunderball, a game which shares its weekend draw with the EuroMillions lottery. Thunderball adopts a draw schedule which makes it the most frequently played game within the United Kingdom, housing three weekly draws players can enter into any of the Wednesday, Friday or Saturday draw days. The UK based lottery offers players a wide network of unique perks which range from a £1 cost to play to hosting a fixed prize structure which is unchanged due to rollovers of prize sharing. When a lottery player opts to enter into the Thunderball they will have the chance of winning up to £500,000 by matching all of the main game … [Read more...]

Thunderball Results For Wednesday 15th October


  There has been a long line of previous Thunderball draws which have failed to make a £500,000 top prize winner, the largest cash sum awarded to players stands at £5,000 from matching all 5 of the main game numbers. To become a Thunderball top prize winner a player must own a ticket which has all the drawn numbers printed as an entry, this will entitled that ticket owner to a £500,000 cash free tax prize. The main benefit behind the Thunderball is that the jackpot is not shared when more than one player becomes top tier winners, unlike other dynamic prize games such as Lotto and EuroMillions. The fixed prizes are also extended to the lower prizes which start … [Read more...]

Thunderball Results For Saturday 11th October


The Thunderball lottery is returning again after just 24 hours from the previous draw on Friday, the outcome of the draw had no jackpot winners however this could be changed tonight if any player can match all 5 main game numbers plus the Bonus. As the most frequently drawn game in the United Kingdom players can enjoy lottery draws for Wednesday, Friday and Saturday with just a £1 price tag per entry for each draw. Thunderball is one of the main National Lottery games which helps raise funds for charitable causes around the United Kingdom, projects vary from local art projects to international sporting events. The National Lottery differ greatly from competitors such … [Read more...]

Thunderball Results For Friday 10th October


As the remaining days until Christmas become smaller, a Thunderball win will be on the mind of many of our readers this evening. The usually jackpot will be on offer which requires a player to match all 5 main game numbers along with the bonus Thunderball for an impressive £500,000. The lottery press has focused relentlessly on the EuroMillions estimated jackpot of £100,000,000 although there is still life changing money to be won through games such as Thunderball and Health Lottery. It's very easy for a player to become lost in games such as EuroMillions due to its large jackpot offerings but the change between Thunderball and EuroMillion top prizes are reflected in … [Read more...]

Thunderball Results For Wednesday 8th October

Halloween will soon be upon us, many players will be wanting to ward off any evil spirits with a trip to an exotic destination should they be fortune enough to win tonight's Thunderball £500,000 jackpot. The life changing, ghost busting jackpot win will be on offer to any ticket holder who matches all of the numbers drawn in tonight's game. The UK exclusive lottery offers players the unique opportunity to winning prizes between £3 and £500,000 from just a £1 stake, putting it as the largest jackpot offered from a £1 entry. Players will have many chances to winning with the Thunderball as it's the most frequently drawn game within the UK, players can be entered into … [Read more...]

Thunderball Results For Saturday 4th October 2014

The National Lottery's Thunderball will be returning this evening offering players a chance to win up to £500,000, a prize which has not seen a winner for any of the October draws. The life changing top prize will be awarded to any ticket holder who has successfully matched all 5 main game numbers alongside the Thunderball bonus ball. The £500,000 top tier prize is the most desired prize but the lottery does also host an additional 8 prize offerings which start from matching just a single number. As the most frequently drawn games in the UK, Thunderball players can enter into the Wednesday, Friday and Saturday draws through the purchase of a £1 lottery ticket. The … [Read more...]

Thunderball Results For Friday 3rd October 2014

Friday is a relatively quiet day for UK lottery players as only the Thunderball and EuroMillions are drawn this evening however the Thunderball lottery has been overshadowed by tonight's £77 million EuroMillions estimated jackpot. The suitably named EuroMillions Superdraw was announced previously by the National Lottery and has been anticipated by many players, both nationally and internationally. Games such as the EuroMillions are able to generate large top prizes through a feature known as a rollover, this in-game perk is the main culprit behind raising jackpots and is triggered when a draw fails to make a top tier winner. The rollover system is relatively simple, if … [Read more...]

Thunderball Results For Wednesday 1st October 2014

Tonight will mark the first Thunderball draw for October 2014, although this is the month which hosts Halloween there is nothing to be scared on in tonight's draw as this evenings jackpot will be a fixed £500,000.  The half a million top prize will be credited to the ticket holder or syndicate in the event of successfully matching all 5 main game numbers alongside the bonus Thunderball number. A key benefit to Thunderball is the fixed prize structure which prevents cash amounts becoming diluted due to prize sharing, a pitfall for games such as the UK Lotto and EuroMillions. Although Thunderball players will be wishing a jackpot win there will be other opportunities to … [Read more...]