Thunderball Lottery Results

The Thunderball lottery is operated alongside the UK Lotto and EuroMillions game under the watchful eye of The National Lottery. The Thunderball is one of the most frequently drawn lottery games with draws taking place every Wednesday, Friday and Saturday. The purpose of the Thunderball lottery is to raise money for the Big Lottery Fund, this organisation will use a fixed proportion of the proceeds of the game to fund charitable projects and organisations. The prize structure associated with the Thunderball game is that of fixed nature, the prizes are never changing nor diluted through sharing. Each game of this lottery is for a jackpot of £500,000 and offers players an enticing prize tier of being able to win by matching just one single number, the Thunderball bonus ball.

Thunderball Results For Saturday 26th July 2014


After a sunshine filled weekend Thunderball players will be looking ahead to tonight's lottery draw for a chance to win up to half a million pound. The draw will be hosted on the BBC One TV program around 22:30, the draw back to showing the draw early is due to the Commonwealth games. As the show is published on the BBC there is always the possibility of the game being postponed due to sporting or urgent events, this is relatively common and players can either check their results the following day or wait until the results have been published. As the time constraints are working against The National Lottery there will be no additional quiz show, instead the TV slot will … [Read more...]

Thunderball Results For Friday 25th July


Kick starting the weekend will be a Thunderball players chance at winning up to £500,000 with tonight's game, failing that, the game will be returning tomorrow evening with the exact same chances. The Thunderball lottery has an impressive fixed prize structure which means players can expect the same cash prizes for every draw in future. There are some exceptions which would disallow The National Lottery to pay out the top prize but on the whole it's a soundproof game perk. One of the main key benefits to this lottery is that it has maintained its £1 entry cost regardless of its competitors raising the cost to play to £2, Thunderball is the only national game which costs … [Read more...]

Thunderball Results For Wednesday 23rd July 2014


The Thunderball lottery does not offer the excitement of having a rollover event however the thrill of being guaranteed £500,000 from matching all of the main game numbers and the Thunderball is certainly enough to tempt the most seasoned lottery players. A Thunderball player can also look forward to three draws each week unlike its main rivals who only show two games each week. Thunderball is played every Wednesday, Friday and Saturday with draws being shown on different venues depending on the draw date. The cost to play is also a big driving force behind the game, since the UK Lotto increased its prize to £2, the Thunderball has maintained its status as the only … [Read more...]

Thunderball Results For Saturday 19th July 2014


The Thunderball lottery will hold the same jackpot prize as the following game yesterday, we are proud to announce that there was one very lucky ticket holder who managed to win the top prize of £500,000. To become a top prize winner with the Thunderball a player will need to match all of the main game numbers and the Bonus Ball, which has been renamed in this game to Thunderball. Over 95,000 players won with the Thunderball yesterday with over £1.1m being claimed in prizes. The Thunderball prize structure is different in comparison to its main rivals, it allows players to win with matching just a single number. If the Thunderball is matched on your ticket then you can … [Read more...]

Thunderball Results For Friday 18th July 2014


The previous Thunderball draw made over 140,000 winners and thanks to its fixed prize structure the players win was not diluted by prize sharing. Although the amount of winners breached 100,000 there were no top prize winners, the largest prize won was the second tier of £5,000. Four very lucky Thunderball players took home £5,000 each although a large drop down from the tier one prize of £500,000. To be able to claim the life changing half-a-million pound a player must be the owner of a lottery ticket which matches all of the main game numbers and the Bonus Ball, which to match the theme of the game has been renamed as Thunderball. There are 9 different ways to win with … [Read more...]

Thunderball Results For Wednesday 16th July 2014


To round up this evening's results is the Thunderball lottery, this game is the most frequently drawn game within the United Kingdom with draws taking place every Wednesday, Friday and Saturday. What makes this game unique is its ability to guarantee a fixed jackpot for every single game. The top prize assigned to the Thunderball Lottery has been set at £500,000 - a life changing sum. The cost to enter into this lottery is fixed at £1, making it very popular among disgruntled UK Lotto players who disagreed with the price hike in October 2013. The first draw of the week for Thunderball will be held exclusively online, the results are initially launched through the … [Read more...]

Thunderball Results For Saturday 12th July 2014


Tonight's Thunderball draw for Saturday 12th July 2014 will mark the end of the draws this week, the game will be returning on Wednesday to restart it's weekly draw schedule. Thunderball is one of the most frequently drawn games within the UK, games take place every Wednesday, Friday and Saturday. Each Thunderball draw will offer players the same prize structure, with the ability to win up to £500,000. A key benefit to this game is that the prizes on offer are not subject to prize sharing, this allows all players to win the same amount of cash rather than a share of a prize fund. As with all games it has its draw backs, the top prize available in the game does not … [Read more...]

Thunderball Results For Friday 11th July 2014


The Thunderball draw for Friday 11th July 2014 will make over 90,000 prize winners, ranging from 40,000 strong £3 winners to 3 lucky players who managed to win a £5,000 cash prize. The Thunderball draw offers players the same prize structure for all of it's non-promotional games, the top prize being £500,000. The half-a-million top prize will not be won by any tickets in play this evening however due to the draw frequency of this game, players can have another chance in tomorrow's game. This particular game has three draws each week, lottery draws are held every Wednesday, Friday and Saturday. Tonight's draw will be the 1,617th draw since the introduction of the game into … [Read more...]

Thunderball Results For Wednesday 9th July 2014

Thunderball Featured Image 9th July 2014

The Thunderball draw is the final UK game to be played following after the Health Lottery, Irish Lotto and UK lotto, the prizes on offer through the Thunderball game are certainly attractive. A player can bag a fixed prize of up to £500,000 through matching all of the main game numbers alongside the Bonus Ball. Unlike most other UK lottery games, the Thunderball requires the bonus to be matched on the ticket in order to become a jackpot winner, the Bonus Ball for this game has been renamed to the Thunderball. A perk with this lottery is that the structure for prizes remains the same for almost every draw, a player can be rest assured that the prizes won during this game … [Read more...]

Thunderball Results For Saturday 5th July 2014


The results of the third and final draw of this week’s Thunderball will be seen on BBC One, on the official TV program for the National Lottery. The fixed top prize will be £500,000 as always. For someone to win the jackpot a player needs to match all the main game numbers drawn plus the Bonus Ball number. Due to the fixed prize structure the jackpot and all the other prizes are the same in every game. This can only be changed if there is a promotion or if the game is restructured. To win any cash price for tonight’s game a player needs to have at least 1 matching number, the Bonus Ball attached to the Thunderball. There are instructions printed on the back of every … [Read more...]