Health Lottery Results For Saturday 12th July 2014

healthlotteryfeatured12thjuly2014The Health Lottery will give players the chance to win up to £100,000 through it’s weekend draw, held exclusively on Channel 5. The game is drawn twice per week and players are welcome to enter into the game before the Wednesday or Saturday draw. Tickets cost £1 to enter, a strong pulling force behind the game since it’s main rival, the UK Lotto, increased it’s price to £2. Health Lottery has drawn the support of thousands of disgruntled Lotto players however it’s growth has been stunted by the decline in lottery retailers. Several shop keepers have complained that The National Lottery ticket sales usually out perform the Health Lottery by a scale of 1:10, making it non-viable to maintain selling.

The Health Lottery should not be mistaken for The National Lottery, there has been some confusion from our readers that this game is managed by The National Lottery. The Health Lottery is managed by a private company called Northern and Shell, this group is a for profit group as opposed to The National Lottery. The game has come under intense fire from The National Lottery regarding the game’s structure and estimates that 50% of all proceeds are being used as management expenses, an expense which is 5p for every £1 with The National Lottery.

This game was created using the blueprints of the first NHS lottery, a game which was prevented from taking place on account of its structure being illegal. The game has since used several loopholes to create the lottery, from there the managing body behind the game has created several for profit websites such as Health Bingo. Many players may be under the impression of using this site will contribute to charitable causes to the scale of Health Lottery, which is simply untrue.

The game will be set to return the following Wednesday, as the mid week game has naturally less players the jackpot of £100,000 may be reduced depending on ticket sales. Players can use the external services of a third party bookmaker, Coral, to place bets on the outcome of the game. Benefits to entering into the Health Lottery Bet is giving players the same chances of winning with the main Health Lottery but an additional prize tier of £1 million.

Tickets can be purchased for The Health Lottery through a small network of retailers dotted around the UK however the providers have pushed for as many lottery players as possible to manage their tickets online. If you are planning on purchasing a Health Lottery ticket then the team here at WagerPod would like to wish you the best of luck.


Available Health Lottery Prizes For Saturday 12th July 2014:

Matching numbersPrize
2 numbers plus Bonus Ball£10
3 numbers (excluding Bonus Ball)£20
3 numbers plus Bonus Ball£50
4 numbers (excluding Bonus Ball)£250
4 numbers plus Bonus Ball£10,000
5 numbers (excluding Bonus Ball)£100,000
5 numbers plus Million Pound Number (CORAL)£1 MILLION


  1. dianethare says

    Now that B Campbell has mentioned it and i have re-read the article thrice, does Health Lottery have the online avenue of play or its done the traditional way of buying tickets at the retailers?…and if so, why does B Campbell have grievances about results not showing, this mishap ought to be fixed urgently to avoid inconveniencing players.

  2. B Campbell says

    Why is it not easy to get the health lottery results on line.sometlmes I have had to give up and make a journey to the shop