Health Lottery Results For Saturday 19th July 2014

healthlotteryfeaturedimage19thjuly2014The Health Lottery will host it’s final draw of the week for Saturday 19th July 2014, the jackpot on offer will vary depending on your entry method into the lottery. If you have purchased a Health Lottery ticket from the official Health Lottery website or through a dwindling number of distributors, the available jackpot will be £100,000. If you have managed your tickets through a third party bookmaker, mainly Coral, using the Health Lottery Bet game, you could be in with a chance of winning up to £1 million. This is a large leap on account of an exclusive partnership between The Health Lottery and Coral. The partnership will see all players who enter into the Health Lottery Bet game have a chance at winning all of the available prizes of the main Health Lottery draw alongside an additional £1 million. The key benefit to this service is it costs the same and can be entered through visiting the official Coral website.

The Health Lottery adopts a two-draws-a-week system with games held every Wednesay and Saturday. Players can obtain the latest results through the official Health Lottery Twitter or by visiting our Health Lottery results page, as they normally appear within minutes of the game taking place.

The Health Lottery should not be confused with The National Lottery, the game is totally seperate entity to the main UK national lottery games. Although the Health Lottery appears to be a unified game it is actually a combination of 51 different lottery games, each representing a different organisation which focuses on a specific region of the Great Britain. The purpose of these organisations is to raise funds for health related causes around the UK by offering 20% of proceeds towards these causes. Local health related charities and community projects can appeal for funding through these organisations which are dedicated to that specific region. The National Lottery has hit out against the structure of The Health Lottery both legally and verbally, aledging that the structure of the Health Lottery is taking advantage of legal loopholes. The Managing Director of Camelot, the managing body behind The National Lottery have also estimated that almost 50% of proceeds will be going towards expenses for The Health Lottery’s managing body.

If you wish to play the next Health Lottery game then you can purchase them for a wide range of places, firstly the easiest is to purchase them online through the official Health Lottery website. Players who want the chance at winning 10 times the Health Lottery jackpot can visit the Coral website however we do not normally recommend finding a local retailer as they have dropped by a minimum of 10% over the last few months.

As each draw is managed on behalf of a health related organisation which represents a specific region of the United Kingdom, tonight’s game is dedicated for HealthRespect. The HealthRespect organisation is dedicated to raising funds for health related causes in Gateshead, Newcastle, Sunderland and Tyneside. To date there has been over £230,000 raised for this group, a full list of charities which has recieved funding can be found on the official website.

To all players who have entered into the Health Lottery for tonight’s draw we would like to take this opportunity to wish you the very best of luck. A full range of the prizes can be found at the bottom of this page.


Health Lottery Prizes For Saturday 19th July 2014:

2 numbers plus Bonus Ball£10
3 numbers (excluding Bonus Ball)£20
3 numbers plus Bonus Ball£50
4 numbers (excluding Bonus Ball)£250
4 numbers plus Bonus Ball£10,000
5 numbers (excluding Bonus Ball)£100,000
5 numbers plus Million Pound Number (CORAL)£1 MILLION


  1. dianethare says

    With such a huge undertaking {51 society charities} i can probably see why it can be causing a certain strain on Health Lottery hence the way the expenses are handled could be off-setting the whole structure, its official that 50% of proceeds will be used to manage the Lottery management, i hope that will put a rest to the grievances National Lottery has had against Healthy Lottery for a long time now.