Health Lottery Results For Saturday 21st June 2014

Health Lottery Draw For Saturday 21st June 2014

Health Lottery Draw For Saturday 21st June 2014

The Saturday draw for June 21st 2014 will be used to raise funds for health related causes in the Birmingham area, The Health Lottery is able to achieve this by raising funds in rotation for each of the 51 different specified area of the United Kingdom. To help incentivize players The Health Lottery have offered a top prize of up to £100,000 however if players mange their tickets through the Coral bookmaker they will not only have the chance to win £100k but an additional, exclusive prize of £1 million. To read more about the Health Lottery Bet game players are required to visit the official Coral website.

The Health Lottery is made up of 51 society charities which represent a specific region of England, Scotland and Wales, each draw is designed to raise money for a specific charity society who will in turn use the funds to fund local level health related causes. The managing body behind The Health Lottery has come under fire from the Managing Director of The National Lottery who has predicted that the providers are withholding 50p for every £1 spent on tickets as expenses, an extortionate amount when compared to The National Lottery’s 5p expenses for every £1 spent on tickets. Although The Health Lottery only pledges to donate the minimum amount of proceeds by law, there has been some worthwhile projects funded through the game, it has recently celebrated reaching £50 million in donations. The celebration of hitting an impressive milestone came at a time when the total amount of Health Lottery retailers dropped by over 10%, causing a large drop in sales.

The HealthBright society charity has received over £240,000 in funding through The Health Lottery without including the proceeds of tonight’s draw. The list of projects and organisations who have received funding from the group include the Birmingham Sports and Education Foundation, Three Trees Community Centre, Alzheimer’s Society and School Food Trust. HealthBright has received the proceeds from the Wednesday draw and tonight’s game will be the final fund raiser for this charity until it’s next turn, the following Wednesday’s draw will be in aid of another society and area of the UK.

The results for tonight’s Health Lottery are first published on Channel 5 at approximately 21:55, the draw takes place during the first ad break closest to this time. The Health Lottery draw has been known to change times on account of sporting events or other urgent programs, an easier way to catch up with the latest results is to bookmark our Health Lottery Results page. The draw which takes place live usually has a rotating host, the names include Sian Welby, Natalie Cassidy and Anne Diamond, the hostesses usually appear in rotation with Sian Welby, a Channel 5 employee, appearing as the resident.

Health Lottery is set to return on Wednesday June 25th but the jackpot may be less than the weekend draw, The Health Lottery only offer players a jackpot based on ticket sales which leads up to £100,000, this sum can go down during the mid week draw as ticket sales usually reduce. Players with the Health Lottery Bet through Coral will benefit from a consistent jackpot however there will be no additional promotions. To all players who have tickets in for tonight’s Health Lottery game we would like to wish you be best of luck, may tonight bring you good fortune! All players who are wanting to enter into the next Health Lottery draw should be reminded that there will be a sales cut off point which is usually around 19:30, please purchase tickets in plenty of time to avoid missing out.

Health Lottery Results 21st June 2014

Health Lottery prizes for Saturday 21st June 2014

Matching numbersPrize
2 numbers plus Bonus Ball£10
3 numbers (excluding Bonus Ball)£20
3 numbers plus Bonus Ball£50
4 numbers (excluding Bonus Ball)£250
4 numbers plus Bonus Ball£10,000
5 numbers (excluding Bonus Ball)£100,000
5 numbers plus Million Pound Number (CORAL)£1 MILLION


  1. dianethare says

    If the Managing Director of The National Lottery feels that there is some underhanded schemes carrying on in regard to how the ticket expenses are being handled, then he should order a serious audit to be implemented and perhaps a strict restructure method to be put in place and be abided by.