Health Lottery Results For Wednesday 18th June 2014

healthlotteryfeatured18thjune2014You can win up to £1 million with tonight’s Health Lottery draw through the Health Lottery Bet game, a game setup by the bookmakers Coral to increase the prizes available through a Health Lottery game. If you don’t have a Health Lottery Bet ticket then the jackpot will be up to £100,000 but should you wish to increase the size of the jackpot for Saturday’s game then tickets can be purchased here. The Health Lottery plays both of it’s games live on TV which is relatively rare in the lottery industry as most providers show their results exclusively online for weekday draws, this is made possible through The Health Lottery’s parent company Northern and Shell having strong ties within the media industry. The owner of Northern and Shell was the previous owner of the Channel 5 program, the channel dedicated to hosting the Health Lottery draws.

The Health Lottery operates by raising funds for one of it’s 51 society charities in rotation, this allows the game to compete on a national level. The structure of the Health Lottery has been challenged legally by the National Lottery but with no success, there has also been concerns raised by the Managing Director of Camelot estimating that 50% of ticket sale proceeds is being used for expenses. There has also been several for-profit ventures starting through the Health Lottery brand such as the Health Bingo, which donates a percentage of profits to charity rather than proceeds. The Health Bingo website has been reviewed as the worst UK bingo site in the history of the game, according to Bingo Bouncer, an independent bingo review website.

Health Lottery draws usually take place around 21:55, the draw time takes less than two minutes which is the main reason it does not appear in TV guides or program planners. The draw usually appears during the first commercial break and has been known to change times on account of sporting events. The host who normally manages to the draw is Sian Welby, who also works for Channel 5, along with names such as Natalie Cassidy and Anne Diamond.

The Health Lottery has two draws each week and players can enter into the Wednesday or Saturday game, the jackpot available for each game does differ as the week day game usually has the weakest sales and each jackpot is based from these sales. A Wednesday jackpot could be anything from £10,000 to £100,000 and will depend on how many tickets are sold, on the other hand the Health Lottery Bet will host a £1 million jackpot for the same £1 cost to play however there will be some promotions not available through this game.

To all Health Lottery players who have entered into the Wednesday game we would like to wish you the best of luck from everyone at WagerPod! Tickets can be purchased for future games through the network of Health Lottery retailers, the official website or directly from Coral (for the Health Lottery Bet game).


Available prizes through tonight’s Health Lottery draw:

Matching numbersPrize
2 numbers plus Bonus Ball£10
3 numbers (excluding Bonus Ball)£20
3 numbers plus Bonus Ball£50
4 numbers (excluding Bonus Ball)£250
4 numbers plus Bonus Ball£10,000
5 numbers (excluding Bonus Ball)£100,000
5 numbers plus Million Pound Number (CORAL)£1 MILLION


  1. dianethare says

    I just wish Health Lottery would put in order whatever ails them, getting bad press, National Lottery breathing fire and brimstone down their throats, the Managing Director of Camelot deciphering how the ticket sale proceeds are being used, these are but a few of what sends players who want to play scurrying off to the hills.