Health Lottery Results For Wednesday 25th June 2014

Health Lottery Results Featured 25th June 2014Among the 52 health societies which make up the Health Lottery the organisation which will be obtaining funding through tonight’s draw is HealthAble, a charity setup to manage health related funding in the Cumbria area. Players who are not familiar with The Health Lottery structure can find a run down on each society charity by visiting the official website, there are 51 society groups which make up the Health Lottery game with each charity representing a specific region of Great Britain. Technically The Health Lottery is 51 independent lottery games but is ran by Northern and Shell, a for-profit company, who have also owned Channel 5 and the Daily Express. The game has come under fire from the likes of The National Lottery who claim the organisation is taking money away for worthwhile causes, the group estimated that Northern and Shell charge £0.50 per £1 in expenses as opposed to The National Lottery who charge just 5p.

Health Lottery players will have the ability to win up to £100,000 through the main draw or up to £1 million if they have opted to manage their tickets through Coral, a UK bookmaker. The jackpot which is generated for Wednesday will be predicted through ticket sales, in the event of a lower-than-expected turnout the jackpot will be reduced should a player be fortunate enough to win it. The top prize is awarded to any player who can match all of the main game numbers without using the Bonus Ball, prizes are then reduced from matching lower winning combinations of numbers.

The game is played twice per week and players can tune into Channel 5 on either Wednesday or Saturday to watch the draw unfold live on TV, the time of the draw is approximately 21:55 however the time has changed previously due to sporting events. The draw itself takes less than 120 seconds to complete which is why the game does not appear in TV schedules, it also makes an appearance during a commercial break which can make it easy to miss. Once the draw has taken place players can usually find the results on our Health Lottery Results page within minutes of the results becoming available to the public. The draw is usually hosted by the same group of presenters which include names such as Natalie Cassidy, Sian Welby and Anne Diamond, who usually appear in rotation.

Entering into the Health Lottery game is straight forward, players must first ensure they are abiding by the games term and conditions and then either visit a Health Lottery retailer or play online. Tickets can be purchased from the official Health Lottery website or if players want the additional chances of winning they can opt in to play the Health Lottery Bet game via the Coral website. To all players who have purchased a ticket for tonight’s Health Lottery draw we would like to wish you the best of luck, if you wish to reenter the game at a later draw the next available game will take place this coming Saturday. As the weekend draw usually attracts a larger amount of players the ability to win £100,000 will be increased, unlike the Wednesday draw which may offer a smaller jackpot size. The prizes available from tonight’s game can be found below, The Health Lottery do not release the amount of winners for each prize.


Health Lottery prizes for Wednesday 25th June 2014

Matching numbersPrize
2 numbers plus Bonus Ball£10
3 numbers (excluding Bonus Ball)£20
3 numbers plus Bonus Ball£50
4 numbers (excluding Bonus Ball)£250
4 numbers plus Bonus Ball£10,000
5 numbers (excluding Bonus Ball)£100,000
5 numbers plus Million Pound Number (CORAL)£1 MILLION


  1. dianethare says

    I still think a thorough audit in regard to ticket proceeds and expenses should be carried out, followed by a probable restructure method, otherwise this noise in that regard will continue, its amazing to read that the weekend player turnout is quite huge unlike mid-week as the article states that offers a smaller jackpot size.